Sehr sehenswerter Film! –Secret Alien Contacts – The Pioneers of Space – Video (englisch)

UFOTV continues to do its yeoman work in aid of disclosure. I’ve now had a chance to view this film […]

UFOTV continues to do its yeoman work in aid of disclosure.

I’ve now had a chance to view this film and I consider it a blockbuster. It follows the careers of two “contactees” – George Adamski and Howard Menger (both were probably galactics).

It contains a great deal of really wonderful UFO footage, but it also runs through some pretty remarkable discussions, especially the part dealing with Menger, about why the galactics are here, how they figured in our history, etc.

At one point Menger says that the galactics he visited left but said they would return in 2012. Wow, my hair stood on end at that validation. So this is not people who have been reading chaneled messages, but have had interaction (at least Menger) with the galactics themselves.

Menger also discusses some of the secret work he did with the American government, developing a terrestrial spacecraft. He discusses his trip to the Moon and what he found.

The part on Adamski was done after Adamski had transitioned so it’s mainly remembrances of George’s life. He appears to have been a walk-in, who entered at age four. He had no navel but instead a star-shaped marking on his belly that resembled a deep incision. It seems pretty clear that he himself was from another planet. Adamski is buried at Arlington Cemetery, which was a statement that he served the government was well as he did UFOlogists. He appears to have been widely respected.

Among the other interesting tidbits it reveals is that Pope John XXIII met with Adamski, received a package from the galactics, and died two days later. (See note below.) Adamski hearing the news said: “The bastards. They killed him.” He wasn’t referring to the galactics. This makes the second Pope alleged to have assassinated in recent years (along with Pope John  Paul I, who wanted to rid the Catholic Church of Illuminati).

Where you might have watched a movie on TV, I recommend that you watch this video. It’s well worth viewing.

Includes 40 original film clips of alien UFO spacecraft in flight and an unprecedented collection of interviews with researchers, eyewitnesses and experiencers.

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