Die geheimen Kriege – Erdbebenwaffen und elektromagnetische Wetterwaffen in den 70iger Jahren

Anläßlich der jüngsten Erdbeben und Tsunamis im Ring of Fire hier einige Auszüge von Dr. Peter Beters "Audioletters", die er im Zeitraum 1975 - 1982 veröffentlichte

Anläßlich der jüngsten Erdbeben und Tsunamis im Ring of Fire hier einige Auszüge von Dr. Peter BetersAudioletters“, die er im Zeitraum 1975 – 1982 veröffentlichte. Es gibt einem schon zu denken, was damals schon von den Mächtigen veranstaltet wurde, um die Weltherrschaft zu erlangen. Im Prinzip spielt sich heute das gleiche ab wie vor 35 Jahren. Dies sind nur einige Auszüge in Englisch, die ich vorläufig aus den umfangreichen Unterlagen herausgesucht habe.

Beter beschreibt die Systeme zur Erdbebenerzeugung und Wettermanipulation, die damals von den Sowjets und den Rockefellers installiert wurden, basierend auf u. a. unterseeische Kobaltbomben und riesigen Kabelsträngen am Meeresboden.

In Zukunft werden wir noch weitere Artikel aus dem Dr. Beter-Material veröffentlichen, die sich auf Skalarwaffen, Kosmossphären und andere Techniken beziehen, die seit langer Zeit vor uns geheimgehalten werden und eigentlich heute schon ein “alter Hut” sind. Da die Übersetzung Zeit braucht, bitte wir um Geduld und Unterstützung bei der Übersetzung, um das umfangreiche Material an die Öffentlichkeit bringen zu können.

Lesen Sie jedoch erst die folgenden Artikel:



Audio Letter #20

Hello, my friends, this is Dr. Beter. Today is January 24,
1977, and this is my monthly AUDIO LETTER(R) No. 20.

The above is an enormously important statement by Craven, since the author believes that Craven was intimately involved in the development of the systems noted in this warning document. The figure Craven gave for carrying out the system development in total secrecy, such as has been done, was seven (7) years. This is significant because it is believed that the program to place nuclear weapons on and within the seabed was begun in 1968 while Craven was still chief scientist of the Navy’s Strategic Systems project and its Deep Submergence Systems project. The seabed silos and the tidal wave and earthquake-generating systems would certainly fall in those two areas of responsibility of his.

Audio Letter #21

Hello, my friends, this is Dr. Beter. Today is February 27,
1977, and this is my monthly AUDIO LETTER(R) No. 21.

…..But the Soviet Union has found a way to use it–deep under the ocean for geophysical warfare in an environment where the radio-active products are relatively confined, producing little fall-out. The Philippines sit like a keystone among a long arch of sub-sea trenches and faults that comprise the most earthquake-prone areas on earth.
Starting just north of New Zealand, a band of geological instability runs northwestward toward the Philippines, then northeastward past Japan to the Kamchatka Peninsula, eastward along the Aleutians to Alaska, and then southward along the west coast of the United States, Mexico, Central America, and onward all the way to Chile. This long, irregular zone around the Pacific rim is often called the “Ring of Fire.” The 7 Soviet bombs planted in Philippine waters are there for the purpose of triggering major earthquakes, which, thanks to the peculiar convergence of faults and trenches in that area, are intended to work their way by chain reaction all around the Pacific rim, devastating Washington State, Oregon, and California in the process. The 7 bombs in the Philippines are in the so-called gigaton range–that is, each one is equivalent to a billion tons of TNT–50,000 times more powerful than the Hiroshima bomb and therefore big enough to trigger massive earthquakes.

Audio Letter #28

Hello, my friends, this is Dr. Beter. Today is November 21,
1977, and this is my Audioletter No. 28.

…….beginning of a Soviet program of preparing for geophysical warfare with huge nuclear bombs planted at strategic locations under the sea to produce artificial earthquakes and tidal waves. In Audioletter No. 25 for August I also gave the coordinates of 10 new bombs, cobalt bombs, that had been planted in addition to the 7 super-bombs lurking around the Philippine Islands. Since that time, dozens of additional undersea bombs have been planted worldwide and several have been set off.

Audio Letter #31

Hello, my friends, this is Dr. Beter. Today is February 27,
1978, and this is my Audioletter No. 31.

That month I gave the navigational coordinates where seven (7) Soviet fission-fusion-fission superbombs had already been planted in strategic undersea locations around the Philippines. And a year ago this month I referred to the fact that major Soviet experiments in weather modification were known to have been carried out on certain occasions. Last August I revealed that cobalt bombs were being planted in the oceans at strategic locations to serve in a build-up of earthquake activity prior to the big catastrophe that awaits the Philippines and America’s west coast, and I have revealed since then that some of these have been set off. Only recently I have been informed that some of the cobalt bombs have purposes other than earthquakes. In the north Pacific two large warm-water zones were discovered lastfall. These warm-water zones are pumping huge amounts of moisture into the air streams that sweep across America from the Pacific and creating tremendous air turbulence in the process.
The result: blizzards, high winds, and floods which could very well affect our food supply in the near future. These hot-water zones have been caused by the deliberate cracking of the sea floor to vent volcanic heat into the ocean. The center of one hot-water zone thus created is located at 50-37-8 North, 170-32-51 East near Attu in the Aleutians; the other is at 25-34-23 North, 151-18-41 West, between Hawaii and California.
At both of these locations Soviet cobalt bombs were planted and set off last summer.

Audio Letter #34

Hello, my friends, this is Dr. Beter. Today is May 26, 1978,
and this is my Audioletter No. 34.

First, on September 20, 1977, the first operational Russian Killer Satellite, Cosmos 929, manned and armed with charged Particle Beam Weapons, blasted an American Spy Satellite into a giant fireball over the Petrozavodsk Observatory located in northern Russia………..

There is a weather modification Grid System along our shores, but it’s not as described in the article, and it’s not Russian. It’s controlled by our own Secret Rulers. This Grid System consists of three (3) tremendous underwater cables laid along the Continental Shelf of our East, West, and Gulf Coasts.
The West Coast cable runs from Cape Cook on northwest Vancouver Island down the West Coast past Baja California, to a point opposite Tuxpan, Mexico. The East Coast cable runs from the tip of a peninsula at the northeast end of the Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia, southward to a point near Jacksonville, Florida. The Gulf cable runs from a point northwest of Tampa near Buena Vista, Florida, westward to a point 77 miles due east of Corpus Christi, Texas. Each cable is powered by an underground nuclear power plant. These three underground nuclear power plants are located at Cape Cook, at the peninsula I described in Nova Scotia, and near Buena Vista, Florida.
You may have read articles speculating that very powerful radio waves might be used to alter the weather, but that’s not how the Coastal Grid System works. Instead, each grid cable can be made either positive or negative relative to the earth. The nuclear power plant that feeds it acts like a giant battery with one terminal connected to the cable, the other grounded. These three Coastal Grids combined set up electrical fields that span the continental United States, excluding Alaska, with parts of Mexico and Canada affected as well. Electric charges in the upper atmosphere move in response to these fields, producing jet stream shifts which in turn alter our weather. The process
absorbs enormous amounts of power, which is provided by the three underground nuclear power plants that feed the Grids…….

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