Breaking News September 22, 2011 – Libya

Breaking News September 22, 2011 – Libya
In the southern town of Sabha the Libyan military and warriors have taken control of the town. You have been hearing in Western and Iranian press that the NATO rebels had taken the town of Sabha. However, that is note case.
The Libyan military has also taken control of the Gardabia airport and military base which is south of Sirte. The Libyan military set a trap for the NATO rebels in the Sirte area, 45 of the NATO rebels were killed and approximately two hundred were captured.

Approximately two thousand fully armed Touareg warriors of Libya, Mali and Niger were also coming to help the Libyan people in Sabha
There was a very difficult battle fought in Al Jufrah where there is an airbase. The Libyan military killed ten NATO rebels and approximately 20 of the NATO rebels were wounded.
In Tripoli the official Green Flag of Libya was raised over Al Fatah University by Libya Liberal Youth group. Within Green Square a battle is occurring against the NATO rebels with Libyan citizens and warriors using guerrilla tactics to sabotage carrying out two deadly bomb attacks upon the NATO rebels.

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